Banksy: A Cultural Investment

I interviewed Bristol Museum & Art Gallery’s Modern and Contemporary Art curator, Julia Carver, about Bristol born Banksy’s ‘Take Over’ of the museum, the Tesco Riots, why he is a cultural investment and a lot more  …




Regarding whether art can re-humanise, and be a constructive response to the refugee crisis. Chronicling the stories of the every day bravery that goes into finding a safe roof over your head. Engage with it. It’s not going to go away.  (Plus this has taken fucking months to write …)

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Six Andy Warhols …

Massive weirdo Jared Leto (i’ve been in a room with him, trust me, he’s weird) is playing Andy Warhol in another film about him. I list other actors who’ve played Warhol – and you get to watch a 4min video of him eating a hamburger! Whoop. Think there’s some spelling mistakes in there if you’re lucky x
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They’ve Found Banksy Again …

... this time he is definitely the front man from Massive Attack. Definitely this time …

“How many times can a man’s true identity be discovered?

Is this the title of an essay by Sartre? No, it is merely the general public wondering how many times we can discover the ‘real Banksy’.”



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Shakespeare’s Influences in Art

Remembered I wrote this a while ago. Really interesting (if I say so myself). Artsists like Chagall, Picasso, Dali, Turner, LOADS more, and the Shakespearian-y art they produced x


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