Interview With Writer, Ming Ho

I interviewed with the incredibly inspiring Ming Ho about her career as a writer, caring for her mother, and her advice to anyone in a similar situation …


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Her Stories Art Auction

Piece about excellent initiative to auction excellent art (powered by Paddle 8 and Christies) by excellent women to raise money for vulnerable women’s charities in the UK.



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Interview on ‘Pandemic Lack of Inclusion’ in British Film Industry

I interviewed Clare Anyiam-Osigwe, marketing director and chief finance officer for BUFF, The British Urban Film Festival, about how to change the practices of  ‘the old boys club’ that is the British film industry …


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Interview With Banksy Collector

If you’ve ever wondered why you don’t have enough money, it’s probably because you haven’t collected enough Banksys. In Flux Magazine I chat with a collector from Bristol who started buying Banksy’s when they were cheap, now he’s using the money to redecorate his Regency house. Nice, nice … He tells you how to do it too. x x x


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Banksy: A Cultural Investment

I interviewed Bristol Museum & Art Gallery’s Modern and Contemporary Art curator, Julia Carver, about Bristol born Banksy’s ‘Take Over’ of the museum, the Tesco Riots, why he is a cultural investment and a lot more  …


Interview with Minna Salami

I interviewed the total brain-box Minna Salami for TTIN. If you’ve ever had an interest in history, women, race, mysticism, pop-culture, education, class, gender – pretty much anything – check this lady OUT. Lets get EDUCATED! (Might’ve got carried away.)  x x


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Interview With Luisa Omielan

I interviewed the extremely awesome Luisa Omielan. Ever worried about your ‘thigh gap’? Luisa really doesn’t want you too.


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