Harland Miller for Flux Magazine: Why 2017 is his year

Piece for Flux Magazine on the figurative artist Harland Miller, represented by the White Cube, and his catalogue raisonné that is rumoured to be announced later this year:



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Banksy: A Cultural Investment

I interviewed Bristol Museum & Art Gallery’s Modern and Contemporary Art curator, Julia Carver, about Bristol born Banksy’s ‘Take Over’ of the museum, the Tesco Riots, why he is a cultural investment and a lot more  …


Panama Papers: Secrecy in the art market

The Panama Papers are the messy guts of Panamanian legal firm Mossack Fonesca that have been spilled out all over the web. Here we delve into what the super-yacht rich have been doing with their billions in the art market, and how a lot of it, is a lot shady …

Also Joe Lewis, the Tottenham Hotspurs manager, he’s interesting.


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