Winter Wildlife Piece

Wrote  a piece in Breathe Magazine on how to protect our lovely wildlife this winter, with these CUTE illustrations.

Can buy online here,  or in reality in Marks and Spencers, WH Smith and … Wallmart, so I’m told ….

Screen Shot 2018-01-15 at 11.58.12.pngIMG_0174.jpg


The Magic of Trees

Well, you heard it here first, or maybe you read a science paper that told you first: tree hugging is good for you. Fact. In this article for Breathe I tell you why (vibrations and stuff …) and I also pick the best forests with the sexiest trees to hug.

I’m also happy to divulge that during a recent low point in my life, having written this article a couple of months previously, beneath the moon I hugged a tree in an olive grove. Yes, initially I felt stupid, and during, and afterwards. But it did make me feel better. So wotchagonnado?

You can buy here x

New Article for Breathe Magazine

Got another article, Ringing in the New, in Breathe Magazine. About the origins of campanology (bell-ringing) its mental and physical advantages and an interview with the chairman of the Association of Bellringing Teachers, Graham Bell (– no joke, that was his name), who enlightens us on how virtual reality is transforming the ancient practice. This issue also has articles about dreams (plus a dream journal, yay!), bird watching, an interview with Ruby Wax, an introduction to calligraphy and lots of other lovely stuff. You can buy a copy from here.