Banksy: The Shakespeare Complex

Here I argue Banksy is becoming a legend — in the mythological sense of the word — with the help of other artists, while everyone from academics to grannies on Gogglebox try to unmask him. Poor old Banksy …


Screen Shot 2017-07-23 at 13.45.40.png


They’ve Found Banksy Again …

... this time he is definitely the front man from Massive Attack. Definitely this time …

“How many times can a man’s true identity be discovered?

Is this the title of an essay by Sartre? No, it is merely the general public wondering how many times we can discover the ‘real Banksy’.”



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You might have heard of the “Banksy’s effect”, here I question whether there will be a “Gunningham effect” and the other possible implications of Banksy’s identity being revealed, because why the hell not. Get it while it’s hot:

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